Wise Talk


  • “BodyLogos® philosophy and systems are fundamentally sound, healthy, helpful, and beneficial to the well being of all types of people regardless to background. My family, patients and I have benefited from the BodyLogos® approach. Tammy’s system is a desirable complement and continuation to the care I provide my own patients. Tammy Wise is an extraordinary person, physically fit, mentally, balanced, realistic, and spiritually uplifting. She is BodyLogos®.”
    Dr. Raul N Lugo, M.D., F.A.C.S @ Lenox Hill Hospital

  • “I’ve worked with Tammy/BodyLogos for over eight years. Tammy has made me stronger and helped me navigate through injuries far better than any other trainer or physical therapist I’ve ever hired. Her work integrates the body and the mind and helps to heal and strengthen both. Through injury or frustration, her sensitivity to the integration of the body and the mind will allow you to accomplish far more than traditional strength training or bodywork could ever achieve on its own. If you want to be truly stronger, working with Tammy will allow you to be strong physically and mentally.”
    David Rothschild ~ Rothschild Capital Partners

  • “As a dancer, you have automatically incorporated the principles of Taoism into movement. Hence the name BodyLogos®, with “Logos” to express Taoism’s essential reverence for the Laws of the Universe. BodyLogos® is based upon not only your appreciation for the body but the influence the body can have on one’s personal growth. Though the specific technique was born of your personal experience, it is inseparably connected to our philosophy.”
    Dr. Stephen Chang, Ph. D ~ author of The Great Tao