WiseRelief Treatments


  • A psyche-muscular approach to identify underlying origins of stress in mind and body
  • Healing treatments that utilize acupressure, kinetic alignment and active meditation to address ingrained emotional conflict and physical discord



  • Reflexology. A stimulation of reflex points in the feet, ankles and calves that balance energy throughout the body
  • Tuei na. An ancient full-body acupressure treatment that encourages, adjusts, and balances the body’s expenditure of energy
  • Sensorium. An integrated massage of scalp, face, hands, and feet that concentrates on renewing the senses and nourishing the skin with natural beauty products
  • WiseRelief Program. Kinetic alignment & tailored meditations designed to release harmful habits and thought patterns to empower your authority within your mind and body. A take home program continues your mind body integration
  • WiseRelief Package. A 4-treatment package to manage stress, relieve physical fatigue and discomfort, focus mental attention, and align with your power
  • Herbology. Herb treatment plan, topical and for ingestion, to prevent dis-ease, nourish and cleanse vital organs, and to balance energy pathways


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