Tammy Wise

As creator and founder of the BodyLogos Movement, I practice my technique as a lifestyle and fitness discipline. My first career was on the Broadway stage as a dancer, but my curiosity about energy and our human existence fueled my second career as a Tao Minister. Exercise, food, rest, even thoughts can change our level of vitality in either direction—inspired or exhausted, in a matter of moments. The BodyLogos technique offers a window into physical/emotional holding patterns that make sense out of this fluctuation of vitality, bringing with it an amazed calm and resurgence of rightness in the world. This restored strength and happiness in people’s lives keeps me involved with, and in service to, sharing the BodyLogos Movement with all whom wish to learn it; and more specifically, wish to recognize being a spiritual-physical being. In addition to introducing BodyLogos as a “work-in work-out,” using personal training and group fitness classes, I integrate the principles of BodyLogos into various body-work techniques and wellness disciplines. My practice is  located in NYC,NY. mindthebody@bodylogos.com

“You calm me into taking control of my body.”
Michael Katz, Talent Manager