WISESKIN – Elixir Salve

WiseBeauty has taken the emollient qualities of Olive Oil, infused it with Healing Herbs and have bound it in nature’s miraculous Bees Wax. WISESKIN Elixir Salve softens the most problem areas, nourishes wounds to promote healing, and protects burns from infections. Use as needed for minor cuts, rash, burns, chapped skin / lips / cuticle.

Active Taoist Meditation: “Give attention to the smallest things to simplify the complicated.”

Olive Oils natural healing properties have been used since the biblical times, saying, “Beauty shall be as the olive tree.” This salve is rich enough to ward off winter and you will see it restore your skin the instant it is applied. 1/2 oz. & 3oz. Organic Skin Care Ingredients & Natural Healing Qualities: Olive Oil - natural emollient, nutrition Beeswax - natural emollient, binder, nutrition Bee Propolis – natural antibiotic Calendula Flower – natural antibiotic, natural antifungal, natural antiviral Comfrey Root – tissue health Chamomile Flower –natural antibacterial, promotes healing of tissues Goldenseal Root – natural astringent, natural antiseptic, tissue health Yarrow Flower – stop bleeding, soothes skin, natural mild anesthetic

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