WISEBATH – Milled Oat Scrub

Cleopatra was known for her beauty and her milk baths! While Oats exfoliate your skin, Milk will nourish and moisturize. In addition to renewing tired skin, WISEBATH Milled Oat Scrub draws on the anti-aging healing properties of Thyme and the fragrant polish of Rose Petals and Orange Peel. Exfoliate, invigorate and soften your skin. Both gentle and coarse like autumn leaves, this scrub is safe for both face and body. You will almost hear your skin rise to new life.

Active Taoist Meditation: “Meet life where it is and integrity will be preserved.”

4 oz. Organic Skin Care Ingredient & Natural Healing Qualities: Oatmeal – softening Powdered Milk – smoothes skin Thyme – natural antiseptic, soothing Rose Petals – fragrance Orange Peel – fragrance


Price: $25.50

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