Hiie Saumaa, PhD

Teaches and writes about somatic practices and meditation. She offers classes and workshops in mind-body techniques: BodyLogos, Nia, and JourneyDance. She teaches literature and philosophy at Columbia University and writes on interconnections between somatic practices, the meditative mind-body, twentieth century literature, and theories of movement and consciousness. Her focus is to inspire her students, inside and outside academia, to cultivate balanced strength and move through life with dancing joy!  This very accomplished 32 year old Estonian intellectual says, “Meditation in strength training gives my movement purpose; it grounds, centers, and allows me to make discoveries about my holding patterns, habitual ways of thinking and acting, and creates positive change.” Her interest in fitness started at the age of 17 out of her love for health and healing. She feels, ” The human body is infinitely fascinating and our greatest teacher!” After a day of active meditation activities: writing, dancing, music (choral singing and flute), Hiie welcomes the ending of her days with prayer and yoga postures.