BodyLogos® Therapist in Training


This hands-on treatment supports isolated muscle release to restore postural integrity. A useful treatment for fitness trainers and massage therapists alike; use this technique as a full or partial treatment to support clients in structural alignment, muscular release and relaxation. While isolating one muscle group at a time produces strength; relaxation too, is brought into awareness one muscle group at a time. Learn to recognize a client’s impeding physical patterns and support their mental and physical decision to let it go. Chronic low back pain (fear), for example, is given permission to relax when you engage your abdominal muscles (sense of self/center), but it is often unable to respond because of the emotional holding patterns living in the low back. Using kinetic alignment with an intension to express/feel the low back’s physical and emotional discord enables a fluid response to the abdominal support. A meditation regarding one’s fear of stepping into their personal power would be suitable. Emotional and physical health are inextricably linked. The experience of relaxation creates new reference points for physical and emotional change. Integrate the surrender of relaxation with the assertion of one’s force creates sustainable strength

  • BodyLogos® Apprenticeship must be completed to attend this course
  • The Treatment is required reading for this course
  • The Anatomy Coloring Book is suggested reading
  • CEU verification for 32 contact hours awarded
  • Passing this course awards you Certification as a BodyLogos® Therapist

Training Schedule  & Price ~ TBA