InstructorBodyLogos® Instructor in Training

Instructor Program:

This is a complete and practical look at how to use the BodyLogos® Theory in a fitness environment; and use BodyLogos® Fitness to support a spirited lifestyle. Learn to design meditations, create balanced movement, and choreograph a mind body workout to develop the “practice” of BodyLogos® Movement into an “art.” The art of identifying misalignments and developing practices, exercises and meditations, to address them is foundational to BodyLogos® Movement. The active meditation hinges on this assessment. Say you are experiencing a Biceps Curl in your shoulders (morals & values) rather than your biceps (pulling desirables inward). To remedy this phenomenon more length would be needed in the triceps (pushing undesirables away). Correcting the physical execution is followed by a meditation regarding the muscular dynamic: To let go of acquiring what I want and simply enjoy its existence in my life is truly valuing what makes me happy. Learn workout remedies to address physical pains and discomforts, while designing meditations to inspire a desired mind-set. Integrate Eastern meditation with Western strength training.

  • BodyLogos® Apprenticeship must be completed to attend this course
  • The Practice is required reading for this course
  • The Anatomy Coloring Book is suggested reading
  • CEU verification for 32 contact hours awarded
  • Passing this course awards you Certification as a BodyLogos® Instructor

Training Schedule & Price ~ TBA