BodyLogos® Apprentice in Training

Apprentice Program:

A first level training designed to deepen a student’s experience of the BodyLogos® Movement. Foundational Tao theories as they pertain to your body and to movement are explored, embodied and employed. While the Theory of Yin & Yang establishes balance between energy output and input, the Five Element Theory establishes how your posture is an outward manifestation of your inner emotional state. At the conclusion of this course you will experience your body as an emotional blueprint of your inner beliefs and have a basic understanding of how to create positive change in mind and body. Integrate ancient Tao principles with modern movement and sensibilities. This is a prerequisite for Instructor or Therapist Training.

* The Theory is required reading for this course
* The Anatomy Coloring Book
is suggested reading
* CEU verification for 32 contact hours awarded

Training Schedule  & Price ~ TBA