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Group Fitness

It looks like a body sculpting class but sounds like a meditation class. Every exercise you explore the emotional aspects stored in isolated muscles, while simultaneously strengthening one muscle group and releasing tension from its opposing muscle group. Contract the low abdominal muscles, connected to your essential spiritual Self, for example, to release the low back muscles, connected to your fears. Learn to gather your strength and surrender your tension. The end result is physical determination and emotional clarity. Align your strength with your life.

Semi-private fitness and meditation classes for small gatherings in home/studio settings or larger corporate environments are also available.

Class Schedule, NYC
BodyLogos Master Class ~ BeFitNYC
2726 Broadway (between 104 & 105 Streets)
Every Sunday 4:30-5:45pm
$20 single class/$90 series of 5

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(Please bring Class Series receipt with you to class to receive a Class Card/No credit card transactions on sight/no credit card transactions for single class)

Schedule Semi-Private Class, NYC ~ Tammy Wise
For more information
call: 646-425-4206