Body Talk


  • “Impressive video. LOVE IT! So well timed, explanations so clear and very easy to follow. I like that video participants look like average people and not swimsuit calendar models. Music is relaxing yet invigorating. I liked doing ALL of the exercises. And, most importantly, they gave me a great workout. I was sore in a good way! Just enough to know it hit the spot. I give it 5 stars!”
    Cindy Joseph ~ Super model & creator of BOOM! by Cindy Joseph
  • “You are a legendary creative artist in fitness. I so admire you and your knowledge in healthful movement – the uniqueness you bring to your classes – OMG — singing your cues!!!—is ‘like no other’. You rule the world, girrrrl!!!”  Yvonne Adrian ~ Nia & Zumba Instructor and Beach Dancer w/Elvis!
  • “I can say without reservation, Tammy Wise’s integrity, professionalism and knowledge are unsurpassed in the fitness industry. Tammy not only transformed my mother’s body, but gave her the confidence and self-esteem to pursue a new career at 65, as a fitness spokes model for senior citizens.”David Rosenbaum ~ Director of Programming @ American Fitness Center
  • “Tammy’s BodyLogos® class is not only physically challenging, but spiritually enlightening.” Body Strength Gym
  •  “I’ve taken Tammy’s classes since 1997 – due to her depth of knowledge and understanding many of my aging problems have been worked out – hip, foot, shoulder, back… and energy, comfort, confidence…  I can’t thank her enough for all her support, help, advice, and kindness during these many years.”Angela Wigan ~ co-author of: A Short and Remarkable History of New York City
  • “While not trained in Taoism, I do have post-graduate training in an approach to psychotherapy in which the body, mind and spirit are valued and considered integral to healing on all levels. I can sense commonalities in the healing available in your workouts to people encouraged to notice it, as you do. Different paths, similar perspective. You’ve created a wonderful program… accessible enough to users of different physical levels… complex enough to require constant refinement both physically and meditatively, making it a different workout each time. Melissa Miller ~ Sensorimotor Therapist
  •  “So many things set your DVD apart. Production quality… live music… singing through reps with your gorgeous voice. But best of all is the mindfulness that you bring to the practice and your incredible loving energy.” Sarah Baldwin ~ Bella Luna Toy
  • “I bought your strength training DVD after doing a massage on someone who had just attended your workshop. Amazing and empowering and doable! I’ve gotten quite a bit overweight, had torn my quadriceps tendon and ugh… little motivation for working out and reclaiming my body. The metaphysical connection between weakened areas and my present feelings and position is such a great gift of motivation. Thank you for this creation.” Yvette Berland ~ Omega Institute