BodyLogos® Books

  •  The Theory ~ Foundational Tao theories as they pertain to your body and to movement. While the Theory of Yin & Yang establishes the balance between energy output and input, the Five Element Theory establishes the mind body connection and how your posture is an outward manifestation of your inner emotional state. The Theory integrates ancient Tao principles with modern movement and sensibilities.   available soon
  • The Practice  ~ Learn to design meditations, create balanced movement and choreograph a mind body workout to develop the “practice” of BodyLogos® Movement into an “art.” The art of identifying misalignment and developing practices, exercises and meditations, to address them is foundational to BodyLogos® Movement. The inception of the active meditation hinges on this assessment. The Practice integrates Eastern meditative discipline with Western strength training.   available soon
  • The Treatment ~ A useful hands-on treatment for fitness trainers and massage therapists alike; use this technique as a full or partial treatment to support clients in structural alignment and muscular release; cultivate relaxation. While isolating one muscle group at a time produces strength; relaxation too, is brought into awareness one muscle group at a time. The experience of relaxation creates new reference points for physical and emotional change. The Treatment integrates the surrender of relaxation with the assertion of one’s force, creating sustainable strength.   available soon