All workouts use a Dynaband as the resistance tool. Available in three resistances~individual or three pack.

Three Workout Downloads for Instant Access

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* Celtic Workout ~ 30 minute workout download

Workout Focus: Experiencing abdominal muscles as the primary power source for all movement.
Standing warm-up
Abdominal (beginner series) with Active Meditation: Experience yourself as powerful
Chest with Active Meditation: Find inner peace by balancing joy and sorrow
Quadriceps and Calves with Active Meditation: Visualize your future and feel secure in the face of challenge
Triceps with Active Meditation: Clarify what needs to be cleared from your life (addiction)
Lying Meditation: Connect to a central illuminating light, releasing all holding patterns. Surrender your guard and experience your full size.

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 * Jazz Workout ~ 30 minute workout download

Workout Focus: Balancing opposing muscles. Understand the Active and Counter-Active forces of your movement.
Seated warm-up
Abdominal (intermediate series) with Active Meditation: Practice personal loyalty
Back with Active Meditation: Protect through personal boundaries
Biceps with Active Meditation: Clarify what you want to create
Hamstrings with Active Meditation: Celebrate what has and has not worked in past choices, and appreciate what has been learnt
Lying Meditation: Identify the energetic buzz in your body and the light show dancing behind closed eyelids; deliberately slow down and feel your relaxed energy renew your posture.

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* Tribal Workout ~ 30 minute workout download

Workout Focus: Becoming aware of your personal Psyche-Muscular Blueprint.
Standing warm-up
Abdominal (advanced series): Relax with your self; accept who you are now and who you are becoming. Enjoy your own company
Shoulders with Active Meditation: Recognize personal values and connect with personal integrity
Buttocks with Active Meditation: Align your self with and your intention to find an inner comfort, while heightening your awareness of discomfort. Find the quiet enjoyment of introspection even when it’s challenging
Lying Meditation: Relax and balance the curves of your spine. Experience stability and flexibility simultaneously.

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