Mindful Connection


  • BodyLogos® mind body alignment orients fitness and beauty practices with a lifestyle philosophy. Uniting the spirit of Nature to one’s beauty ritual, and emotional and physical wellbeing to one’s fitness practice, establishes an essential connection to living. A lifestyle that leads to peaceful living. BodyLogos® philosophy and practice elevate one’s vitality and sense of purpose in the world


  • WiseBeauty Products: a commitment to wellness with the utmost quality in its ingredients, apothecary formulas and meditative voice
  • Tao of Fitness Products: a commitment to spirited living with meditative fitness; alignment of physical, emotional and mental strength


  • Ideal for specialty shop owners, spas, health & beauty practitioners
  • Aligned symposia on health, wellness, fitness, beauty, mind body, holistic, artisan crafted, custom gifts


Symposium Schedule ~ Calendar
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