Are You Aligned With Your Strength or Your Tension?

When we work from strength we feel strong. When we work from tension we feel weak.

How do you feel today?

Let’s say strong is a connectedness between your self and a challenge that leaves you feeling successful; and weak is a separation between your self and a challenge that leaves you feeling unsuccessful. The cause of separation in weakness is often due to the mind and body having a different perspective about what you are intending to do. Inner ambivalence exhausts your allegiance.

Your mind is motivated to workout; your body feels self conscious working out.
The result: 18% of gym members don’t show up at the gym.
Your mind wants to eat healthy; your body feels punished eating healthy.
The result: 68% of Americans are overweight or obese.

Mind body ambivalence creates tension filled patterns in your physical performance and mental response to challenge. To connect with your strength rather than your tension, first take a moment to focus inward. Recognize your mental, emotional, and physical condition. Take a breath. Widen back in your mind, release stress through the occipital hollows at the base of your skull. Breath again. Reorganize the body, relax muscular tension so you experience the bones weight. Then, surrender your mind and body into each other until you are OK with who you are now and who you are becoming. Begin connecting to your challenge from this place and an internal strength is coupled with an external expanse that inspires you into the challenge.

Strength is excavated out of tension.

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Pretzel Neck Remedy

Curling up with a good book, bingeing on favorite television episodes, and napping with your beloved for hours on end (be they a two-legged or four-legged) are all wonderful things to do on cold winter days. A few months of contorting your body into positions that resemble a pretzel, leave you feeling like a pretzel!

Pretzel Neck Remedy for holding patterns in neck, throat, or shoulders. February 2017

Here’s a quick remedy for a pretzel neck…

Place two fingers lightly on your Adam’s Apples, central in the front of your throat, and swallow. You will feel the Adam’s Apple jump. Keep your attention on your Adam’s Apple and take your hand away. Now take a deep breath and imagine your Adam’s Apple gently gliding back within the circumference of your neck as you exhale. This will be a very subtle internal movement that changes the relationship between your neck and throat. Keep relaxing back with your breath until the sensation of this adjustment leaves you pain free.

When successful in adjusting the flow of subtle energy you experience relief multidimensionally. Physically the area feels more spacious, like a yawn; mentally you feel more present, like time has slowed down or even stopped.

Use this remedy as a preventative posture any time you are entering into a stressful situation that typically triggers holding patterns in your neck, throat, or shoulders.

A Year Round Practice

A Year Round Practice
January 2017

The wisdom of beckyinvitecover_weban eight year old on Christmas Eve brings to mind what is important year round. This invitation rested on dinner plates guiding each of us to our seats. She beckoned us to be with her here and now. As it turned out, we were present for her first Christmas without the childhood belief of a Santa Claus; what a right of passage in a child’s life.

She reminds us that here and now is precious and beckyinvitecontent_webmeaningful. Every moment is secretly packed with an experience of evolution, even the mundane, perhaps especially in the repetition of mundane life. All transformational life practices demonstrate that repetition creates change if you practice here and now.

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BodyLogos Fundraiser: Pre-sales for Book/3D-Video Project!

BodyLogos Meditative Strength


Blossom Between Earth and Sky

Our relationship with Gravity is of a spiritual nature.

TammyFlowerAs we experience Spring colors pushing up through the soil we witness life’s inherent relationship with Gravity. Gravity, from a Tao perspective, is not only what grounds our physical form, it is the Universal Force that draws our striving nature out, enthusing spiritual expression. We experience this as an authentic authority, a blossoming of our Original Nature.

Unearthing your unique color, appreciating its beauty and honoring its contribution to Nature’s bounty is our life’s onus and gift. Authentic authority asks that you accept and cherish your individual Nature, as you accept and cherish Nature itself; as they come from the same Life Force. As you experience the unveiling of Spring, notice the way you appreciate it and apply the same appreciation to your own unveiling. When you can’t appreciate your Nature, notice where you are blocking that alignment in your physical body. Breath the emotional root, planted in your body, through your alignment with Gravity. As Gravity’s grounding force secures your feet with the Earth, your striving nature reaches your crown toward the Sky. Your breath, then liberates blockage out of its entrapment, returning it to Universal Force. With liberation come appreciation.

The task of living, the onus of being unique, is unearthing your Original Nature; the gift is experiencing your unique color. Happy Spring.

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WiseBeauty Autumn Bouquet Tonic

Stretch your summer cocktail into autumn with WiseScent Rosewater Mist

Add a new twist to your Gin & Tonic with fragrance and fruit

Sweet Rose Tonic

Sweet Rose Tonic

* Gin 2oz.
* Muddled Pear (1/4 pear, diced & mashed)
Add muddled pear to gin, rest in shaker
* Strain and pour muddled gin over ice
* Tonic 4oz.
* Sweet Vermouth (Martini & Rossi) 1/2 oz.
* Rosewater
* Orange wedge and Rose Petal

Stock your pantry and toiletry cabinets
BUY 3 FOR THE PRICE OF 2 and share 1 with a friend

Through the Eyes of a Human Mannequin

December 2012 Window Display @ Lululemon Lincoln Square, NYC

Click for photo slide show.

Being an object…

As a centerpiece of a window display I provoked a broad range of reactions from onlookers. Many identified with their own bodies condition in relation to my freedom of movement; though, I was identifying with my body’s movement in relation to the restricted space. A window box feels a bit like a shoebox, similar to the box of judgments one can construct when comparing themselves to others. This box is the outer shell that freezes us in time as an object.

 To objectify…

Onlookers stared in amazement, some with curiosity, intrigue and enthusiasm, others with dismay, even envy. While one side of the spectrum explored the relationship between what they were viewing and their own potential, the other side dismissed any feelings, conveyed contempt, and went on about their usual business. It seems a humanized mannequin provokes onlookers to experience feelings about their own potential. And, as every individual passed by expressing those feelings, I too would review my own performance. Both the viewer and the viewed experienced a spontaneous emotion in reaction to another expressing confidence or retracting into doubts and fears. While contempt objectified another, doubt objectified oneself.

To be objectivity…

To use the outer world to learn about our inner world is to be objectivity. Whether we are relating to our environment or our own bodies, to our personal reactions or the actions of others, we are constantly shown that what is within is without. Our willingness to recognize when we behave like an object and objectify the world, and take responsibility for blocking our own ability to connect openly, is the key to becoming more unified both within and without. Exploring your body’s feelings of confinement, and your mind’s indoctrinated and habitual emotions, is the first step toward peaceful alignment. Learning your psyche-muscular blueprint is a road map into this mind body integration.

 BodyLogos The Tao of Fitness is an objective look at your self.


Happy New Year, Happy Journey, Happiness.



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Relax back and enjoy some unscheduled time for the holiday. Celebrate the past year, recognize your accomplishments and appreciate the support you received.

Before toasting in the new year come meditate on what comes next. BodyLogos Class is the perfect place and environment to get clarity about  personal aspirations and your futures direction.

Happy Holiday, Tammy

BodyLogos Community Class ~ Sundays 10:15 – 11:30am
@ International Hostelling 891 Amsterdam Ave. NYC (104th St)


Natural Beauty for the Holdays

Shop, Toast the Holidays and Let Us Pamper You.
Two Holiday Bashes for you to get your self and your gift list ready for celebrating.

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