The Gift of Mindful Beauty


  • Party Favors. Give your guests a little luxury. Place setting souvenirs, thank you gifts, a token of appreciation for 1 or 1000 conveys a treasured relationship. A body scrub or healing oil adds a bit of joy to any occasion. WiseBeauty Products show simple grace mixed with sincere affection
  • Trunk sale. A special event, public or private, that engages the five senses, indulges you in simple pleasures, and fortifies your wellbeing. Sample, learn about and purchase BodyLogos® Products: WiseBeauty and Tao of Fitness
  • Conferences, Expos & Lectures. A symposium to introduce business owners and trade professionals to BodyLogos® Beauty & Fitness Products. WiseBeauty products, artisan crafted holistic apothecary and Tao of Fitness products, mind body fitness, are ideal for customers who want a mindful or spiritual connection to life, a healthy natural lifestyle, ritual or discipline for wellbeing or a remedy for dis-ease. Come familiarize yourself with mind body products and test their wonderful sensory effects


  • Personal appearances in Manhattan and tri-state area
  • Product distribution in USA

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