Beauty Talk


  •  “Workout and use holistic skincare products to strengthen, invigorate, exfoliate and calm the skin. BodyLogos’ Natural Beauty Line, Wisebeauty, is ideal for feeding the skin.” Jennifer Snowdon ~ high definition make-up artist
  • “One of our employees got a sample of your Elixir Salve and tried it on a burn she got two weeks ago and it totally worked! Her burns are almost gone! Peeled right off!”
    Elline Surianello ~ LeMetric Hair Center
  • WiseBeauty Rosewater rocks! Thank you!  Since introduced to your Rosewater elixir spray, my often, ruddy Irish skin has taken on a new and balanced tone.  I gave it to my Brother and he has seen the same results!   Thanks for guiding me to this amazing product of yours and taking time to explain its benefits.  I’m a believer! So is my Brother! XO”
    John Higgins ~ movie producer
  • “Beat-a-Cold Tea is genuinely remarkable… keeps you tuned up for optimum health management. I do a great amount of travel and public speaking so I need to count on a product with integrity. A noted media personality called me with a cold, having to go on the air that day; hence he was introduced to Beat-a-Cold Tea. Not only did he speak on the air successfully, Beat-a-Cold Tea strengthened his immune system and ended his cold too!”Thank you WISETASTE.
    F. Feller ~ International Consultant
  • “I was 45 years old when I had my son Jazz and was not very disciplined when it came to my skin, now with a baby I had even less time.  When I discovered WISEBATH Milled Oat Scrub all of that changed. I have sensitive skin and this product was just what I needed… all natural to begin with, and it works wonders on my skin all year round, even through our Canadian winters. Not only does it leave my skin feeling baby soft, the wonderful smell brings my spirit up every time. Thank you Tammy for creating such a great line of products that makes it easy for me to use all the time. One happy customer!”
    Chantal Gauthier ~ Entertainer/Singer