Nature’s Bounty allures your Natural Beauty to surface; Integrate Body, Mind and Spirit in Celebration of your Self.

Natural Beauty Products


  • Personal care products hand-crafted with organic food ingredients that nourish your body and delight your senses
    • Active meditations accompany each product to illuminate your inner and outer beauty, your mind’s sensibilities with your body’s sensuality
    • An experience that goes beyond looking beautiful ~ it is the act of “being beauty”


    • WiseScents~Unisex Rosewater Mist. An uplifting after bath, aftershave, afternoon pick-me-up.
      “One who is not in a hurry, eventually wins the race.”
    • WiseTaste~Beat-a-Cold Tea. Steep a cup of this reviving blend when a cold threatens.
      “You can rest in your essence where true safety lies.”
    • WiseBath~Milled Oat Scrub. Replace soap with a fresh soft scrub safe for your face and body.
      “Meet life where it is and integrity will be preserved.”
    • WiseSkin~Elixir Salve. A miraculous herbal aid for cuts, burns, rashes, chapped skin/lips/cuticle.
      “Give attention to the smallest things to simplify the complicated.”
    • WiseHead~Healing Scalp Oil. Enlivening essential oils to relieve dry scalp, itching, and dandruff; stimulates your mental concentration and attention.
      “The less you take the more you gain.”