Licensed & Registered Spiritual Officiator


  • Perform official ceremonies ~ weddings,
    All religious orientations welcome
  • Lead rituals to honor transition ~ new home, new job, new life decision
  • Officiate life’s passage ~ births, baby namings and funerals


  • Original ceremonies are written for each event personalizing it directly to the individual(s) being honored
  • Tao philosophy, Native American ritual and symbology from honoree(s) faith are all drawn upon to communicate ceremonies message


“Tammy Wise brings the presence of the Almighty into ceremonies and every day life effortlessly and beautifully.  Her connection to the Higher Power and great giver of life is natural and pure, and through it she inspires and connects others.  Our family is Episcopalian, Jewish, and Catholic and yet we turn to Tammy when we really need divine presence in our lives for healing and in celebration.  She is able personally to bring us closer to God in a beautiful, meaningful, genuine way, with grace and a light touch.

Her given surname “Wise” seems divinely granted and we are lucky to have her wisdom in our lives.”

Sandra Pinnavia ~ Business Talent Group

For more information contact Tammy
call : 646-425-4206