Blossom Between Earth and Sky

Our relationship with Gravity is of a spiritual nature.

TammyFlowerAs we experience Spring colors pushing up through the soil we witness life’s inherent relationship with Gravity. Gravity, from a Tao perspective, is not only what grounds our physical form, it is the Universal Force that draws our striving nature out, enthusing spiritual expression. We experience this as an authentic authority, a blossoming of our Original Nature.

Unearthing your unique color, appreciating its beauty and honoring its contribution to Nature’s bounty is our life’s onus and gift. Authentic authority asks that you accept and cherish your individual Nature, as you accept and cherish Nature itself; as they come from the same Life Force. As you experience the unveiling of Spring, notice the way you appreciate it and apply the same appreciation to your own unveiling. When you can’t appreciate your Nature, notice where you are blocking that alignment in your physical body. Breath the emotional root, planted in your body, through your alignment with Gravity. As Gravity’s grounding force secures your feet with the Earth, your striving nature reaches your crown toward the Sky. Your breath, then liberates blockage out of its entrapment, returning it to Universal Force. With liberation come appreciation.

The task of living, the onus of being unique, is unearthing your Original Nature; the gift is experiencing your unique color. Happy Spring.

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