Through the Eyes of a Human Mannequin

December 2012 Window Display @ Lululemon Lincoln Square, NYC

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Being an object…

As a centerpiece of a window display I provoked a broad range of reactions from onlookers. Many identified with their own bodies condition in relation to my freedom of movement; though, I was identifying with my body’s movement in relation to the restricted space. A window box feels a bit like a shoebox, similar to the box of judgments one can construct when comparing themselves to others. This box is the outer shell that freezes us in time as an object.

 To objectify…

Onlookers stared in amazement, some with curiosity, intrigue and enthusiasm, others with dismay, even envy. While one side of the spectrum explored the relationship between what they were viewing and their own potential, the other side dismissed any feelings, conveyed contempt, and went on about their usual business. It seems a humanized mannequin provokes onlookers to experience feelings about their own potential. And, as every individual passed by expressing those feelings, I too would review my own performance. Both the viewer and the viewed experienced a spontaneous emotion in reaction to another expressing confidence or retracting into doubts and fears. While contempt objectified another, doubt objectified oneself.

To be objectivity…

To use the outer world to learn about our inner world is to be objectivity. Whether we are relating to our environment or our own bodies, to our personal reactions or the actions of others, we are constantly shown that what is within is without. Our willingness to recognize when we behave like an object and objectify the world, and take responsibility for blocking our own ability to connect openly, is the key to becoming more unified both within and without. Exploring your body’s feelings of confinement, and your mind’s indoctrinated and habitual emotions, is the first step toward peaceful alignment. Learning your psyche-muscular blueprint is a road map into this mind body integration.

 BodyLogos The Tao of Fitness is an objective look at your self.


Happy New Year, Happy Journey, Happiness.



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