BodyLogos @ Women’s Expo ~ April 28-29


BodyLogos @ Women’s Expo
sculpt the body, train the mind, mind the body

April 28-29 Crowne Plaza ~ Stamford Connecticut


holistic apothecary

Sustainable, chemical free, organic ingredients for the body. Traditional Taoist Meditation for the mind. WiseBeauty transforms your beauty regime into an “Active Meditation” ritual.

Come enjoy these artisan crafted, earth friendly remedies for mind and body; and recieve a FREE mini-scalp massage.


mind body fitness

A traditional strength training method that introduces relationships that exist between various muscles and specific emotions. This movement shows how your body’s strength and posture paraellel the condition of your emotional state, and how your emotional state influences your physical strength and vitality. By infusing each exercise with emotional contemplation, Tao of Strength Training changes the repetitive nature of weight training into an “Active Meditation” that develops you inside and out.

Enjoy three half-hour workouts to original music on The Tao of Strength Training DVD, including Dynaband and instructional booklet.




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