NEWLIFE mind, body, spirit EXPO with BodyLogos

@ NewLife Expo!

AMERICA’S #1 mind body spirit EVENT: Hotel New Yorker 8th Ave. & 34rth St. NYC

A True New York Bargain!

For only $20 ($15 in advance), you can experience lectures, panels, dance performances, music concerts, workshops, exhibits and special events daily. You will meet thousands of people who have a zest for life and want to share it.

Visit the 200 exhibit booths and sample their products. Share in their knowledge and enthusiasm.

Ten lectures are going on every hour for these three days, taught by some of the most innovative minds and authors. Let them answer your deepest questions and autograph copies of their books for you.

BodyLogos: The Tao of Fitness is offering FREE mini-posture analysis
n what your psyche-muscular blueprint is saying!

BodyLogos: WiseBeauty is offering FREE mini-scalp massage
Experience WiseBeauty Healing Scalp Oil contemplating age-old Tao wisdom!

Curious about complementary medicine or integrative medicine or holistic medicine or alternative medicine?
NEWLIFE EXPO is for you.

Would you like your heart opened and your mind expanded… would you like to attract the wealth, success and relationships you deserve?
NEWLIFE EXPO is definitely for you.

You want to learn about water purifiers, air purifiers, health options, etc.

When you need a rest, visit our Natural Foods Dining Area. You can even have your palms read and your backs massaged.

You will be entering the Disneyland of mind, body and spirit.


Skip the line at the door!

Friday Only Passes $13 each ($15 at door)
Saturday Only Passes $15 each ($20 at door)
Sunday Only Passes $15 each ($20 at door)

2 Day Pass $25 each ($30 at door)
3 Day Pass $30 each ($35 at door)

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