BodyLogos Beauty Bash w/FabOverFifty

BodyLogos! !BEAUTY BASH!  WiseBeauty

125 west 18th street, NYC 212-463-0071

OCTOBER 1st, 12pm – 7pm
OCTOBER 2nd, 10am – 5pm

Product Sampling & Treatments One-on-One Consultations w/Doctors & Beauty Experts

Bra Fittings
Color Consultations
Medical Skin Check
Makeover from Celeb Makeup Artists
Live Seminars


WiseBeauty is Holistic Apothecary

Come experience holistic beauty! Sustainable, chemical free, organic ingredients for the body and Traditional Taoist Meditation for the mind. WiseBeauty transforms your beauty regimen into an “Active Meditation” ritual.

Active Meditation transforms the relationship between mind and body. In practice, it adjusts your habitual routine by focusing mind and body on a united sensation. WiseBeauty Active Beauty Products stimulate your body’s sensuality and your mind’s eagerness for meaning.

True beauty is excited through the senses

The union of your body’s sensuality and your mind’s sensibility goes beyond looking beautiful –
it is the act of being “beauty.”

BodyLogos®~the Body’s Divine Wisdom

Uniting healing principles from both Eastern and Western philosophies, BodyLogos uses the repetitive nature of fitness and beauty routines to practice “Active Meditation.”

Tao of Fitness is Mind Body Exercise

that turns movement into a foundation for Spiritual Fitness. BodyLogos shows how your body’s strength and posture parallel the condition of your emotional state, and how your emotional state influences your physical strength and vitality. By infusing each exercise with emotional contemplation, BodyLogos changes the repetition of weight training into an “Active Meditation” that develops you inside and out. Come see what is hiding in your silhouette. Talk with Tammy and check out The Tao of Strength Training.

The integration of the body, mind and spirit is a celebration of the self.

Tammy Wise
Founder and Creator of BodyLogos Inc.

More about FabOverFifty Beauty Bash:

$75 Good for two-days      $120 Bring a Friend     50% Discount Code: soft50

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