The Nature of Make-up

The Nature of Make-up:
An Interview with Jennifer Snowdon by Tammy Wise

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Jennifer Snowdon

Jennifer Snowdon on set

The guiding principal, “Beauty is an outward expression of your inner intention,” is the philosophy of Jennifer Snowdon, high definition make-up artist. She uses make-up as an embellishment for what is authentically there inwardly and outwardly, rather than to just paint a face on a face.  Adding play and beauty to people’s lives, Jennifer’s mission is to help women feel their unique beauty.

Whether Jennifer is crafting the look for an actor, a bride or a casual patron, she starts with the same two questions, “who are you today?” and “who do you want to become?” Knowing the situation her client is about to embark on, how they presently feel about the situation, and how they would like to feel, give Jennifer her creative guidelines.

Tammy: How should we approach make-up to accentuate what is authentic?

Jennifer: Really look at your self in the mirror. What do you love about your reflection? Start playing there. And most importantly, smile. Use shadow, highlight and color to bring out the quality of your expression.

Tammy: Well that sounds more fun than looking for what we want to cover up! But don’t we want to create a fresh clean foundation to start from?

Jennifer: Absolutely! You want your skin to look beautiful. Even the skin tone and balance the texture, using moisturizer, toner, or primer; then adding concealer and/or foundation products. Prepare your skin as if it were a canvas. Products range from tinted moisturizer to full cover foundations. Add mineral or translucent powder for the finishing touch.

From there you can create whatever splash you want!

Allison Raffaele’s naturally inspired cosmetic line is perfect for creating this clean look. Full of antioxidants to repair skin damage and protect skin from the daily onslaught of free radicals, I use these products for my self and my clients.

Tammy: What do you mean by “creating whatever Splash you want!”

Jennifer: Splash is the playful part! What part of your self do you want to express in a given moment.

! The sophisticated elegant part of you might go with a neutral eye color, strong eyeliner and a defined medium tone lip color.

! The exotic sexy part of you may play with layers of color on the eye, detailed liner, lashes and strong brow, with bright seductive lips.

! The playful artistic part of you might explore non-realistic happy colors, pink doll cheeks; creative decoratives and high shine glosses.

! The professional businesswoman tones it down with clean foundation, groomed brow, blush and neutral lips with liner.

! The all-natural part of you may use cream blush, skin tone shadow and light-medium lip colors or even a lip stain.

“Splash” is anything from a natural glow to a full-blown masquerade. Who do you want to be today? Be the character in the play of your life.

Jennifer looks like a grown up flower child, clearly on a spiritual journey. I couldn’t help but wonder how she ended up in the cosmetic industry? It seemed polar-opposite in its nature? So she explained how she started…

“I was a tom-boy until 35 years old. Hair cut short, no make-up and didn’t draw attention to my self. I didn’t “enjoy being a girl!” One afternoon, at an open choir rehearsal, I was timidly peeking in at the musicians performing, wearing an out-dated red and white-checkered Granny gown (60’s) with ruffled hem. The conductor, and spiritual leader of the congregation, ousted me into the rehearsal hall and said, “Wow! What a Dish!” His remark was said with such belief that I felt truly beautiful for the first time. From that time on I have continued to “enjoy my feminine nature,” and love to help other girls and woman to do the same.”

Tammy: So what does our appearance mean?

Jennifer: I believe our appearance is a gift that is to be honored and groomed, thought of as a temple. I love the saying, “Don’t hide your ‘light’ under a bushel.” Don’t hide; present your self to the world.

Tammy: OK. There are times I’d like to groom myself into a Temple Goddess, but I’m traveling or on-the-go. How do I present my ‘light’ in this situation?

Jennifer: Simple is just as magical. Carry moisturizer, a natural blush color and a highlighter. Three magic accessories. BOOM! By Cindy Joseph is a new environmentally conscious cosmetic line focusing on simplicity. Three cosmetic sticks for all your cosmetic needs.

Tammy: In your opinion, who are we wearing make-up for?

Jennifer: Personally, I wear make-up to celebrate my self. I want to like how I look and that affects how I feel.

This is a good question for everyone to ask them selves…

Jennifer oozes a spiritual wholesomeness that makes you want to place your look in her hands. Her gentle touch and measured application of product leaves you feeling: seen as beautiful and adorned reverentially.

Tammy: Natural based cosmetics are on the rise, even they, however, having some unnatural ingredients, must leave some chemical residue behind. Do you have a suggestion for countering this?

Jennifer: Nourish and fortify yourself inside and out. Drink enough water and whole foods to support healthy regeneration of skin cells. Workout and use holistic skincare products to strengthen, invigorate, exfoliate and calm the skin.

BodyLogos’ Natural Beauty Line, WiseBeauty, is ideal for feeding the skin. And the BodyLogos Tao of Fitness approach is a wonderful holistic workout choice.

In closing, Jennifer quoted The Little Prince, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” She says with an earnest smile, “Ironically my approach to beauty barely brushes the physical. Beauty radiates!”