Meditation in Action

Traditionally, when one imagines meditating, it is done seated quietly. The discipline of meditation focuses one’s thoughts in one specific direction, directs one’s attention toward one phenomenon, reflects or ponders over with intention. Deliberate use of the mind brings the body into alignment; deliberate use of the body, as well, brings the mind into alignment. The ancient disciplines of Yoga and Tai Chi are examples of Active Mediation, while Nia and BodyLogos are modern day examples. Nia brings uplifting reflections into aerobic dance, whereas, BodyLogos brings personal contemplation into the repetition of strength training.

Meditating is a deliberate focus of one’s attention, be it in movement or stillness. Meditation gives a sense of being rather than doing. In the experience of being, there is clarity and a sense of right action.

Where in your life do you experience this beingness? It is in these actions that you are in alignment with your higher self.