Life is a journey not a destination

When the bike is running clean, I’m hugging every curve in the road and the sun is shining, there is a feeling of satisfaction in having created such a beautiful moment. When the bike is coughing, rain soaked clothes are clung to my body and traffic is chaotic, it feels like the Universe is having it out with me! So it feels empowering to take credit for the good days and blaming the Universe for the bad days gives consolation. This raises an interesting question. Where does our responsibility for our own life begin? At the moment the Universe offers us an experience or at the moment we start attracting that experience?

Being that a thought is a higher vibration than its material counter-part, it is logical to assume that your inward thoughts attract an outward experience. This belief is the underpinnings of mind-body therapies. Changing your thoughts changes your life. What are the thoughts that create unhappiness in your life? Exploring into this question is the act of taking responsibility.

There is a journey within us to explore.