BodyLogos Mission Statement

Support the symbiotic relationship of motion and emotion,
focusing heightened awareness on what is authentically you.

  1. Chopping Veggies ~ Rather than being agitated about how tedious the task is, recognize that dividing food into bite size pieces is like dividing a life task into doable parts. Connect to the relief you experience when a complex pursuit is organized into doable steps. Breathe. Be relaxed awareness.
  2. Waiting ~ There is such little time for yourself as is and now time is being squandered. Waiting, however, is a gift of unstructured time. Allow the liberation of unstructured vacation time creep into the tight demands of a workday. Breathe. Disconnect from doing and enjoy simply being.
  3. House Cleaning ~ Just as the pendulum of an old clock unwinds itself, this chore relentlessly undoes itself. Inserting an old key into the inner workings of the chronometer and twisting to just the right tension every 10 or so days connects you to time and ritual. As you take the time to clean away what’s unwanted, explore the ritual of rearranging the mementos that make-up your home. Time evokes meaningful change in you. Breathe. While you direct what needs cleaning, feel the ritual direct what needs changing.
  4. Returning Messages ~ To leave a message, is to want to connect. Returning a message can reduce that feeling of connection to a feeling of duty. Consider the nature of your relationship and the reason you are in it. Breathe. Feel purposeful.
  5. Walking ~ A forward leaning propulsion that reminds you that you’re on a unique journey. How do you want your journey to feel? Feel it. Experience the power you possess in steering your own life. Breathe. Be the energy of your passion.
  6. Retiring to Sleep ~ Like finishing a great novel, there can be a resistance to ending the day. Once it’s over there is a space where all there is, is you and your feelings about what you just experienced.  Turn off the outside world and embrace the intimacy of this time. Get to know your most essential self. Breathe. Experience yourself as the recipient of your own gifts.
  7. Workout Regimen ~ Showing up requires a commitment to your self. A commitment to improve, however, can be experienced as, feeling not good enough now. Enjoying who you are becoming does not negate who you are being. Enjoy it all. Breathe. Celebrate your escalating potential.
  8. Drinking Water ~ You know to stay hydrated and do your best to comply. Your cells are like hungry infants reaching for the breast when we irrigate the body. Experience the satisfaction and peaceful bliss of getting what you need. Breathe. Feel nourished by your own attention.
  9. Beauty Rituals ~ Attending to your appearance is respecting that which you are made. Admire the exquisite function and expression of your characteristics; you are a force of nature. Breathe. Be beauty.
  10. Deciding ~ Confusion to clarity can be a bumpy rode. You are consciously considering your needs through the erratic experiences and unstable references of life. Create forward; embody your future. Breathe. Feel awake.